Trisolide Superplus

Trisolide® Superplus

The installation of triple glazing is mandatory in order to ensure that energy-saving standards in “passive” and low-energy housing are met and its use is nowadays increasingly called for in building specifications. Optimum use of energy requires that the glass used in triple insulating glazing meets specific characteristics: a high g-value (Solar Energy Gain) and a high light transmission factor.

Trisolide® Superplus, HR++ coated triple insulation glass, is the perfect solution for this!
Trisolide® Superplus produced with 2x cavity 15 millimetres will already attain an Ug-value of 0.6 W/m²K (double glass with a cavity of 15 millimetres reaches 1.1 W/m²K). Subject to the correct gas charge and/or cavity size, even an Ug-value of 0.5 W/m²K can be achieved.

By using glass from our new float oven in Osterweddingen (Germany), the glass values given (particularly light transmission) will improve further. Even the application of the coating to different positions will increase the light transmission and g-value.

You will find more information in our datasheets.

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