Scheuten Float

Glass is already over 4000 years old as a product. The basic materials – sand, soda and dolomite – have remained virtually unchanged .The float glass process – involving the floating of molten glass over a bath containing liquid tin – is now the universal process used for flat glass production and ensures that the finished glass surfaces are absolutely parallel and flat.

Float glass is produced in clear, coloured or even extra clear finish in large-sized sheets (6 x 3,21m) which are then processed into half-finished and end products.

Scheuten float glass is produced at Europe’s most modern float glass factory at Osterweddingen. Pure raw materials used and the furnace quality mean that the float glass produced is clearer than the industrial standard. Extra clear glass (low iron content) with a 91% light transmission factor – Scheuten Super White – is also produced.

Scheuten Float is suitable for every type of enhanced finish application and is available in various thicknesses.

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