The Scheuten Isolide® concept covers a thermal-insulating glass with an unprecedented number of features and areas of application. All glass products of this type are manufactured on the basis of a controlled system involving modern production techniques, committed specialists and European standards and quality levels. Isolide® is a quality product in the extensive Scheuten product range, enabling many variations and combinations to be achieved. Applications range from a simple window to a fully glazed façade or roof.

Quality features of Isolide®

• Excellent insulating value, resulting in optimum comfort

• Energy saving and efficiency through extensive quality programme

Isolide® offers architects a never-ending scale of possibilities, from a simple window to a complete glass façade or roof. On the one hand, new functional and aesthetic demands in architecture have strongly advanced the development of Isolide®. On the other hand, new versions of Isolide® have led to possibilities which were previously technologically impossible.

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