Client: AAE Helmond
Livraisons de projets: May 2013
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Structural glass façade, composed of glass fins filled-in with Triple glazing and provided with LED lighting at the end.
Glass fins made of:
• Multisafe®Design 8(4) 8 laminated tempered glass:
composition: tempered blank 8 (4) 8 tempered blank glass provided with a special honeycomb serigraphy at position 2.
All panes will be polished on all sides.
All tempered panes have been subjected to a heat soak test.
Façade glazing comprising:
• Isolide® Brilliant Triple 50/27:
Blank, insulated, solar control glass, combined with a half-tempered exterior pane and an interior pane laminated with 2 PVB sheets, composition 6#-12L-4-12L-#4(2)4 mm,
air-filled cavity, Ug (U-value) approx. 0.9W/m²K. Panes provided with silicone sealing at the edges.
All panes will be polished to a fine matt finish at the two short sides.
Purpose-made bent steel doors