SAGT obtains order for the glazing of Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam

At the head of Java island, situated at the IJ at Amsterdam, the building of Hotel Jakarta will start in April 2016. The winning design of architectural office SeArch is characterized by a different concept as regards architecture, building techniques and sustainability.

The hotel is designed as a public building with a high level of transparency. Over 12,500 m² floor space hosting a restaurant, sky bar, conference room, wellness & fitness room, swimming pool, parc and underground car park. The facilities are situated around a central subtropical garden which is accessible to the public. The inner garden thus forms an extension of the other inner gardens on Java Island.

Scheuten Absoluut Glastechniek supplies the engineering, delivery and installation of a large part of the outside façade glazing among which the structural glazing façade, aluminium window frames, sliding sash as well as the balustrades and floor glazing inside. The sustainable character of the hotel is underligned by the application of over 700 m² Scheuten Optisol® BIPV-solar panels and over 2400 m² Scheuten Trisolide® Brilliant® triple insulating glass in the façade. The Trisolide® triple insulating glass has a U-value of only 0,6W/m2K and a total energy transmission of about 37%.

The building is expected to be put into use by WestCord Hotels by the end of 2017.

Scheuten supplies over 1,000 Optisol® BIPV panels for the Courts Complex Kuwait

At the end of 2015, Scheuten supplied 1,040 Optisol® BIPV panels for the building of the Farwaniya Courts Complex Kuwait. The solar panels with a total surface of 1,500 m² generate an output of 109 kWp. The complex consists of a “Main Building” and a “Car Park”. In the court building there are 80 courtrooms, administrative and governmental offices and 23 conference rooms. The design of the building should reflect both the strength and transparency of the Kuwait justice system. The use of a considerable amount of glass illustrates this transparency.

The Optisol® panels are delivered in four different designs of which some also have a silkscreen print that is adapted to the facades. The glass-glass modules are built from an extra clear top pane, type Scheuten Super White, pvb films with polycrystalline cells and a greyish bottom pane. Both panes are heatstrenghtened. The panels are used as energy generating sun blinds.

Roy van Leeuwen, responsible for the sales of the Scheuten Optisol® products: “Much attention has been paid to the aesthetic aspect. We have had intensive discussions with all parties involved in Kuwait. An excellent balance has been found between aesthetics, output and implementation details. It is very good to experience that the western European quality and delivery reliability of our products is greatly valued. After approval of the definitive mock-up we immediately started full production in Venlo. The logistics involved in such a project is extensive and complex. Fortunately we already have developed the necessary experience with various export projects in the field of glass and solar. Our project manager has accompanied the first delivery on site and instructed the people how to install the panels.

The blinds, of which the largest one measures 3450 x 750 mm, are applied both horizontally and vertically in the main building and the car park.

Warm-edge spacer for Isolide® and Trisolide® insulating glass

Increasingly more attention is now paid to the total U-value of the window including the glazing. The edge of the insulating glass and the window is also included in this value. The edge strongly influences the total performance. With a warm-edge spacer a reduction on the Uwindow of 0,1 to 0,2 W/(m2.K) for standard sizes can be obtained.

The edges of the insulating glass and the window are the weak links in the total performance. The smaller the glazing, the bigger the influence of the edgeseal of the insulating glass. Especially with Trisolide® glazings a warm-edge is recommendable and enables a larger contribution to the decrease of the Uwindow performance (a reduction is possible up to 0,4 W/(m2.K). With Isolide® this results in an increase of about 6 degrees with a wooden window. Condensation on the edges of the glass will then be avoided.

The standard spacer used is black which gives an attractive look to the glazing. Other standard colors are available upon request.

Polyclose 2016 – Les tendances dans le verre fonctionnel

À l’occasion du salon Polyclose, Scheuten Glas exposera 65 années d’expérience dans le domaine du verre fonctionnel pour l’environnement bâti. Scheuten Glas propose un vaste assortiment de produits vitrés pour l’isolation thermique, la protection solaire, l’isolation acoustique, la sécurité, la protection incendie et le design, à destination du secteur mondial du bâtiment.

Cette année, lors du salon Polyclose, Scheuten Glas dévoilera plusieurs nouveautés vitrées haut de gamme pour les façades et les applications intérieures. Isolide® Screenline® est un vitrage isolant à protection solaire et thermique intégrée, qui régule la lumière. Il rend toute protection solaire externe et interne superflue. Ce vitrage dynamique, qui améliore considérablement le confort et permet de réaliser davantage d’économies d’énergie, ne nécessite aucun entretien et offre à l’architecte une liberté de conception totale.

Dans la gamme Optisol®, l’entreprise présentera un système de panneaux photovoltaïques verre-verre remarquablement esthétique, appelé Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). Le système, qui s’intègre au bâtiment, peut être fabriqué sur mesure, ce qui offre une grande diversité de designs, pour les applications tant résidentielles (habitations, vérandas, balcons, etc.) que commerciales (projets, façades, toitures, etc.).

Enfin, Scheuten Glas présentera une nouveauté dans le domaine de l’impression numérique sur vitrage. La ligne Multisafe® Design allie le traditionnel vitrage de sécurité standard et l’impression numérique, pour créer une infinité de solutions visuelles pour la façade et l’intérieur.